Wednesday, February 03, 2010


how can I love them all?
how fit them all inside?
the heart has no bounds
and yet there is turmoil and confusion


to love them all
fit them all inside
this boundless heart
to nourish those who need it with love
to cherish their dreams and ambitions
as if they were my own

to reach out and to embrace
to kiss a face full of tears
and provide a shoulder
strong arms to shelter from the storm
and warmth to nourish the soul

there is only so much room here in my heart
how do I love one without making another jealous?
how do I know what portion to give to each?
and if I give
does what remains get any smaller?
is there enough for everyone?

a shelter from the pain of loss
holding a world of dreams
and sorrows

to rise from the ashes of misunderstanding

there are some places I cannot reach
some corners of the hearts that have found shelter in me
that will not let me draw near

how can I shine a light in those dark places?
how can I drive away haunting memories and fears?

I cannot turn toward the face that smiles
and neglect the one that sorrows
I cannot give myself to the innocent and young
neglecting those who hold epochs of misery
how to write them all
in such a way that they are given back their vision?
how to inscribe my mysteries in their hearts
so that each can be named and enumerated?

to give wings to some dreams
without crushing others
to give love to someone in need
without leaving others wanting
to spread myself out across the universe
without spreading myself to thin

there are no boundaries to the heart that sings

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