Thursday, January 29, 2004

I've been awfully busy the past several months, but I thought you should know:

You are the Onion of my life!

Just think about that. How many layers and layers deep you are!

Well, you see I've been working so hard for the eternal order of the Onion the past several months, that I hardly have time to dream. But I had a horrific dream last night.

I was laying in my bed and suddenly felt the world arise in flames around me. When I awoke I was disoriented but somehow managed to realize that it wasn't flames I was seeing everywhere. No, I was laying in a field of red flowers.

They were strange flowers. They looked like roses but they grew on stocks close to the ground.

Bye for now!
This site has been updated recently. It looks interesting:
Dragons Cleft - Home of Arthur Pennybog

A lot of potential but nothing there yet!